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Buy more weed, don't pay the recreational tax
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You don't have to arrange an appointment with a doctor and wait it for a long time anymore!
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As soon as you are approved (in 10-15 min), you will get the digital copy of your MMJ recommendation to the email address. The original paper document will be delivered in 2-4 business days.
the medical marijuana
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With your digital MMJ recommendation or plastic MMJ card you are able to purchase marijuana for medical purposes at any dispensary or cultivate up to 99 plants as it shows that you are approved as a medical marijuana patient.
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Best seller reviews
from 2016
8.7 out of 10
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What is a doctor's recommendation?
A Doctor's Recommendation is a legal document that states you have a qualifying medical condition (see Question 10) that complies with the qualifying conditions for the State of California under California Proposition 215. This recommendation is not a prescription, but is a necessary document for you to legally obtain Medical Marijuana.
Does my doctor's recommendation ever need to be renewed?
A Doctor's Recommendation is valid for 1 year. Thus, it has to be renewed at the end of the twelve-month period.
What will an mmj herb doctor's recommendation enable me to do?
A Doctor's Recommendation is a document which approves you as a medical marijuana patient and enables you to purchase and buy weed at any dispensary or delivery. Also, it allows you to grow up to 99 plants legally.
When are mmj herb's doctors available?
MMJHerb's doctors are doing their best for the patients and work 24/7. So you can apply for the recommendation or call us to ask your questions any time which is convenient for you.
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